Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Services

3 Simple Steps to Virtual Desktops - VDI​

1 First Step:

Get the right virtual desktop environment ( VDI ) for your organisation without the management headache.

  • Get a fully personalized virtual desktops in the cloud for each user within the organization.
  • Provide a familiar end-user experience
Desktops on Cloud
Virtual Desktops VDI
2 Second Step:

Save the unpredictable cost of business using VDI:

  • Reduction of high upfront CapEx and unpredictable cost of ownership
  • Low-cost, secure virtual desktop for flexibility and control
3 Third Step:

With VDI you remove the security vulnerabilities that PCs have

  • No data loss
  • Good by viruses and Malware
  • Next Gen experience for users
Virtual Desktop

VDI for Security, Management and Lower Total Cost

Virtual Desktops make perfect sense for today’s IT organizations. Bringing together greater security and manageability with proven cost reductions, VDI is becoming the new gold standard for many organizations. Leverage our Desktop as a Service (DaaS) hosting provider, move your Local Desktop and applications to the Cloud-based remote workspace with our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution.

Our consultative approach helps our customers on their requirement and combines with strategic planning to delivery a total solution that meets their business objectives. We offer guaranteed support levels to meet business users SLAs, we reduced the risk of losing data, we ensure successful backup strategy, we help to automate labour intensive task

Global ITN Consulting Services provides a complete solution to your Virtual Desktop migration. From assessment, system design, and application delivery to desktop deployment, integration, security, and systems management, our expertise ensures success the first time.Our dedicated Service Support group offers a methodology that ensures every customer engagement achieves maximum efficiency and productivit

Key Benefits

  • Security – Gain control of end-point with VDI
  • Management – Meet service and availability targets
  • Lower cost per seat – through implementation, deployment, licensing and overall management savings