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Every business needs that depend on IT will rely heavily on a Infrastructure Cabling, Data Cabling, Office Cabling and networking solutions. As experts in structured network fiber optic cabling services, Global ITN will plan and install all required structured internet fiber optic data cabling with the latest concepts of office cabling by using, fiber optics, CAT6, CAT6A, and CAT7 patch panels and Infrastructure Cabling

Security is a priority when dealing with fiber optic Infrastructure Cabling solutions for your business. We always consider the data level security susceptibility as well as installation specifications for CCTV, Door Access, and building data security solutions. In doing so, we always ensure that our customers are confident in dealing with us, knowing that we are aware of all the sensitivities and put in place all necessary precautionary measures. When we are at work, our customers can relax and focus on their core business.

When planning any structured office cabling works and installing patching and data cabling schemes into highly technical areas, such as communications rooms, you need experts in this field. Following installation, network office cabling maintenance is vitally important for reliability and longevity. We are the trusted structured network data cabling services partners for IT and non-IT companies with various and unique business priorities. You can count on our expertise and commitment when handling any of your office cabling needs. We use fluke testing on all our structured infrastructure cabling installations. 

Fiber optic cabling is specified where high bandwidths may be needed; especially in the data center environment and where an installation demands high capacity, typically a hospital, airports, banks….However, Fibre optic cabling is fast becoming the medium of choice for any installation that is sending high volumes of data!

We use trusted industry structured network Infrastructure Cabling brands (CAT5, CAT6, CAT6A) for the best data performance. 

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