What Global ITN SaaS offers:

Software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud computing offering that provides users with access to a vendor’s cloud-based software. This includes CRM Project Management Finance HR and Business Process Management software

Our SaaS CRM module creates a connected environment that enables you to follow, track, and target the customer through their life-cycle with your business . With our dynamic ERP and CRM system you can grow your business  for the future. 

SaaS applications bring certain advantages. Our dynamic CRM tool gives you full control over your client contacts.

Our CRM will allow you to convert business processes into software. You can track all communication with vendors, Clients, Partners and sync your email accounts with our CRM system. Track Sales opportunities and leads

Get in depth analytics and reports on sales successes from our CRM Dashboards. Manage teams with our feature rich task and appointments manager.





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Our Financial system is a group of interconnected micro modules. They allow you at a module level to define a working process and manage the completion of each step. As a group, the modules speak together sharing data enabling the efficient management and execution of the end to end financial lifecycle.

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Our Human Resources modules enable the execution and management of core HR processes to effectively support your team members and wider business.

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Our IT Manager modules create a framework to manage the execution of key IT tasks whilst effectively supporting the wider business in their technology needs.

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Our interconnected stock and fulfilment micro-modules enable the effective management and execution of the end to end lifecycle of a product.

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Our Projects modules enables the simple and effective definition, execution and management of business projects

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Global ITN partners

SAAS / Hosted Applications

Global ITN provides a full range of hosted applications so our customers can manage their business more efficiently. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) / hosted application services includes CRM,
Finance, Human Resources (HR), ticketing and Collaboration applications.

Our hosted software services support business functions with regards to administration, CRM Management integration and generalized use, as well as increasing efficiency. In addition, all our clients that use our SaaS / hosted software services have continued support for hosted application and enhancements;
guaranteeing a consistently excellent service.

Global ITN’s full range of SaaS applications allows us to develop flexible hosted applications based entirely on what our client requires. Importantly, this flexibility ensures that our applications meet the needs of both startups and small and medium sized businesses. Furthermore, we take the time to ensure that we fully understand our clients’ business needs and what hosted applications can
facilitate this. In fact, we take all the steps necessary to ensure that our clients’ needs are fully
satisfied with the service they have received and all requirements are met. 

Give customers the support they need quickly and confidently with all your business data centrally managed. Global ITN delivers  flexible and affordable CRM automation. 

Call us now to check out or SaaS Software solutions, ERP, CRM, HR and much more

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