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Achieve Agility and Operational Efficiency with Our System Integration Services

Harnessing the power of technology platforms requires businesses to address complex systems integration challenges. Organisations have to handle system integration challenges both within their walls and with their external partners. System integration specialists of Global ITN can help organisations manage complexities associated with integration.

We offer both implementation and advisory services to help companies better manage their portfolio of technology assets. Being a reputed system integrator in Singapore, our services encompass various IT systems, hardware, and software platforms.

We offer comprehensive system integration services in Singapore. From counselling to recognising business needs, we are your one-stop system integration agency. Our system integration company has strong expertise in facilitating ERP integration services. We also provide assistance with the integration of customer relationship management and enterprise content management.

With Global ITN, you would be able to address even the toughest of integration challenges. From requirements to architecture, we bring an integrated perspective to every project.


Achieve more Scalability and Efficiency with your Applications

Enter the integration gateway with us and simplify your business processes in Singapore. As organisations grow and develop, Global ITN understands the need to streamline IT architecture. Our experts take care of your needs related to dynamic integration to ensure that the disparate systems can communicate.

Our system and application integration services and solutions provide you with a connected infrastructure. With Global ITN, you would be able to fuel the digital transformation initiatives of your company.

Our end-to-end integration of applications, workflows, and databases would help you address current challenges. From Salesforce and NetSuiteintegration to AWS integration, we assist you in setting the pace and maximise ROI.

How do we help you achieve More ROI?

Being a reputed system integrator in Singapore, we help you maximise your ROI. Here are specific ways with which you can maximise your ROI with us.

We would help you develop a network of enterprise applications like ERP, CMS, CRM, etc., to enable disruption-free rollouts.

Inadequate knowledge of system integration can make you incur unnecessary expenses. We assist you in leveraging automation technologies to improve the performance of your workforce. With our expertise, you would be able to boost enterprise agility while decreasing business expenses.

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Avail our Extensive AP Integration Services

Our in-house team of software developers utilise the best practices of networking when integrating APIs. The APIs we design, develop, customise and integrate augments web functionality to mobile andweb apps.

Our developers are adept in building solutions that can seamlessly sync data formats across these applications. Some of the popular platforms used by our developers for API integration are as follows:

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Developing Service-Oriented Architecture is our Main Forte

We create enterprise-wide Service-Oriented Architecture which can deploy various services associated with business processes. You can also set up data access using the same business logic interface.

With offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, and India, we are always on the cutting edge of system integration technology. We design and develop every SOA which can be streamlined for data retrieval and web interoperability.

Take a Glance at Our Application and System Integration Service Offerings

Here is the list of application integration services we commonly provide in Singapore.

NetSuite Integration

At Global ITN, we provide NetSuite integration services to decrease data redundancies. With us, you would be able to reduce the stress of connecting with various enterprise applications. Our in-house team ensures that you can successfully deploy NetSuite while leveraging its full potential. We help you to:

AWS Integration

Our AWS integration services are your suitable gateway to avail immense business value. Our in-house team of experts is well-equipped to develop an integrated solution. With our AWS cloud integration; you would be able to manage Amazon data centers easily. We assist you to:

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IT services Hong Kong

Salesforce Integration

At Global ITN, we provide Salesforce integration services that deliver comprehensive customer management solutions. Our Salesforce integration would help you develop a solid customer-centric culture in your enterprise.

You would be able to get a 360-degree view of your data, prospects, and customers in real-time. We would help you to:

Why are we your Ideal System Integrator in Singapore?

When you collaborate with us, you would always have a clear vision of the outcomes. In other words, we rely on providing fully transparent services to our users. Here are some factors which make us the best system integrator.

For a considerable amount of time, we have been delivering system integration services to different companies.

We have a dedicated customer portal through which you can keep a tab on the progress of your projects.

We always follow well-defined delivery processes to deliver projects within the stipulated deadline.

We would be happy to discuss system integration solutions with you. Contact us today.