Network Support and Network Maintenance Services

Network Support & Network Maintenance

Network support services cover maintenance of an existing corporate networks, extending from testing and troubleshooting problems to regular maintenance and health checks. Global ITN’s network support and maintenance solutions offer 24/7 technical support and customer care, along with professional provisioning services. In fact, customer service and customer satisfaction is the main priority at Global ITN. For this reason, our clients are guaranteed timely, professional, and efficient service.
High performing networks require regular reviews. Also, new technologies help you to maneuver your business. This is done by improving performance and protecting your network, as well as supporting any growth and expansion. With market-leading network support, Global ITN allows consistent development of your network. This ensures that the network performs optimally and thus maximizes the company’s investment in Information Technology.

Why Global ITN's Network Support Services and Network Maintenance Services?

Global ITN’s Network Support Services are a cornerstone of our Managed IT Services. As a Premier Managed Information Technology Services Provider, we deliver expert 24×7 remote monitoring, management, troubleshooting, and remediation of your LAN, WAN, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, WAPs, and network connectivity. Certified Technicians in our dual Network Operations Centers (NOCs) leverage state-of-the-art monitoring tools to ensure that your network is running at peak performance around the clock. We will also coordinate troubleshooting efforts with your ISP or Telco provider

Global ITN’s Remote Network Support Services leverage remote monitoring systems that don’t just look at whether a device is up or down. Our monitoring software watches hundreds of key metrics that can indicate when a major device problem is coming. Networks don’t just crash out of the blue. Network devices usually throw off signals that big problems are on the horizon. When our systems detect a problem, our NOC is alerted within seconds, and immediately triages the issue, and begins troubleshooting.

What Global ITN offers: