Network Connectivity

Network Connectivity Services

GlobalITN offers scalable and well-defined network connectivity services. We do this by considering the way every business counts on internet network connectivity for managing most of its functional processes. Providing reliable connectivity for your company with the installation of IP VPN, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Peering services is made possible due to our association with credible internet service providers. If your company is looking for alternative providers of IP transit or Peering solutions it is advisable to engage with a reliable vendor who is also a WAN service provider, Global ITN. Ensuring that there is consistency in connectivity is vital to support running major web applications in secure environments.

Network Managed Services (CNMS) – is a comprehensive solution designed to create and maintain data networks, including WAN/LAN/WLAN.

As part of the solution, Global ITN offers a package of various functionalities in the field of network managed services and network security selected according to the needs and requirements of the customer. The main aim is to relieve the customer of any activities related to the management and administration of data networks. 

Network management services are provided either on-site or remotely from a Comarch facility such as a network operations center.  

With ever-changing IT infrastructure requirements, the demands on connectivity are also changing and maturing. As your business functions on web, and occasionally mobile, applications the importance of reliable connectivity is understandable. However, there may be circumstances or events that can disturb your connectivity at any time. To overcome this, your provider needs to perform scheduled maintenance proficiently and understands the technical aspects of internet connectivity.

Voice, video, and Citrix services are the common applications that traverse an MPLS network. When utilizing content-rich services that can be delay-sensitive, a reliable MPLS network can successfully transfer data efficiently and ensure that connections are private and secure. The correct network components can ensure your company’s IT estate performs reliably with enhanced productivity. Our objective is to always ensure your technology applications suit your requirements. As well as providing you with the support you need to manage your business. Our team of internet solutions experts can handle your business’ requirements in this domain.