Global ITN is an IP Network Provider providing MPLS services. We provide scalable high-performance connectivity using Multi-Packet Label Switching; a private connectivity service which uses Virtual Private Networking (MPLS VPN), Traffic Engineering (TE), Quality of Service (QoS), Any Transport over MPLS (AToM).

Multi-Protocol Label Switching is a packet forwarding mechanism that optimises data forwarding decisions. This is done using short labels to increase routing speed and efficiency. This facility also allows for secure communication of performance sensitive applications across geographically dispersed business units. In addition, the MPLS platform protects corporate data thus maintaining business integrity as your data traverses your private network.

The role of Global ITN as your trusted partner and expert networking provider is to customise an efficient MPLS solution based on your unique business requirements. Therefore, this solution would ensure a high-performing, transparent and connected platform that becomes the backbone for uniformed application access across all your corporate premises and devices. In essence, Global ITN’s solutions are built on governing architectural principles which lay the essential foundations for business scalability. At the same time, this reliable platform provides the fundamental structure allowing for flexibility and growth when it comes to office relocation, corporate expansion and/or business acquisitions

What Global ITN offers: