IP VPN Services

The basic concept of a IP VPN is to connect networks in separate offices making them appear as one network or to connect remote individuals to their corporate network. At the same time, this service allows your company to be more dynamic during critical business transitions such as mergers and acquisitions, moves and relocations. Global ITN offers secure and reliable IP VPN services to support the future growth of your business.

Affordable and reliable carrier-class connectivity – First and foremost, IP VPN keeps your company connected and collaborative. In addition to enabling you to exchange data at superfast speeds across all your business sites. Whether you’re, for example, linking a remote office or data centre to your existing infrastructure or establishing a brand new network, using IP VPN gives you the flexibility to transform and streamline connectivity as your business evolves whilst keeping costs aligned with usage.

Global ITN’s IP VPN service delivers reliable carrier-class IP service. They also provide connectivity between two or more locations via Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to securely and efficiently switch routed traffic through a backbone network at speeds from EFM through to 1Gbps. In fact, Global ITN’s IP VPN services come with a range of access solutions. This also includes equipment supply, implementation, configuration and end-to-end proactive support and management by expert network engineers

What Global ITN offers: