IP Transit

IP transit services allow network traffic to cross or “transit” a computer network, usually used to connect a smaller Internet Service Provider (ISP) to the larger Internet. A delayed, inefficient or suboptimal IP Transit solution can negatively affect your business’ network connectivity which can be worsened by international connections. For this reason, Global ITN provides internet services using diverse IP Transit. As a result, this reliable, high capacity internet access solution uses only tier one upstream transit partners to ensure the best performance for our customers.

At Global ITN we understand the demands and challenges of a globalized business. Therefore, when your business’ IT infrastructure has reliable connectivity, your business can be efficiently managed from multiple locations in the world. Hence, our internet access solutions handle the complexities of transferring data from different locations. Our IP Transit Services can also eliminate the need for a large financial commitment within a business’ ever-changing IT infrastructure.

As a globalized entity, Global ITN can ensure your company’s connectivity to keep your online business applications running smoothly. In fact, with our years of experience successfully implementing extensive cabling and networking solutions alongside strategic alliances with globally respected providers, you can trust our team for being able to anticipate industry changes and deliver the IP Transit solution your company needs.

What Global ITN offers: