Network Analysis And Development

Network Analysis and Network Developement

Considering the many aspects of how the network functions can be challenging. Latency, bandwidth, interface, network speed, and security are just some of the functionalities that can impact on your network. Global ITN will run a full diagnosis to check the health of your IT network, providing a complete network analysis report and will seek out if any further improvements can be made to increase the operating efficiency, prevent network destruction and, as required,  network development accordingly.

Network analysis is fundamental to your communication system. In essence, it shows any performance issues on your network which can directly impact the functioning of your IT system. Consequently, failure to regularly analyse your network can lead to interruptions in your business’ functioning. Our team of network experts is ready to protect your network with a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach when issues arise. Then, we will advance your network’s infrastructure to give you faster connectivity with more reliable information transit for your partners and clients.

What Global ITN offers:
  • Complete network health checks on existing network architecture which include:
    • Construction.
    • Compliance.
    • Performance Analytics.
    • Operating Efficiency.
  • Extensive network report with improvement recommendation strategies.
  • Collaborative service on network problems through discussion with your in-house IT support team.
  • Wireless connection and network security performance validation in relation to your network’s specifications.
  • Latest network hardwarevand protocols to ensure stability and continued functionality through rapid business changes.
Network Analysis