Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Azure Cloud Services

As a Microsoft Cloud Services Solutions Partner, Global ITN provides a full range of services to deliver an end-to-end implementation of complex projects. Microsoft Azure Cloud Services allows IT and Applications teams to provide new features faster. Furthermore, Azure Cloud Services, Azure Cloud Migration, Azure Cloud Hosting, Azure Cloud Maintenance help our clients leverage all aspects of Azure. Additionally, our Microsoft Azure services offer cloud assessment and strategy planning, architecture, proof of concepts, project support and managed services.

With our expertise in the Microsoft Azure stack, the experts at Global ITN can provide full life-cycle services on Microsoft Office 365. We have expertise in initial planning, enablement, adoption and operational azure support services. Also, our azure services extend into helping organizations enable their workforce to use all the features of Office 365. We have a full-service set of capabilities with configuration, customization, development, migration and integration for hybrid scenarios.

Our Microsoft Azure cloud services are as follows:

Azure VM
Azure Active Directory
Azure Apps
Azure VPN Gateway
Azure Express Route
Azure Container
Azure Storage
Azure VM Auto Scale
Azure Backup
Azure SQL
Azure Site Recovery ASR
  • Azure VM
  • Azure Container
  • Azure VM Auto Scale
  • Azure VPN Gateway
  • Active Directory
  • Azure VPN
  • Gateway
  • Azure Express Route
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Site Recovery (ASR)
  • Azure Backup
  • Azure Apps
  • Azure Storage