Large Enterprise

BCP/Disaster Recovery plan BCP/Disaster Recovery plan
24/7 helpdesk support 24/7 helpdesk support
WAN connectivity WAN connectivity
Server management Server management
Consultancy Services Consultancy Services
Voice & multimedia Services Voice & multimedia Services
Capacity Planning Capacity Planning
Colocation Colocation

Large Enterprise Packages

Secure data, optimized networks and a communicative system appropriately are paramount for any large enterprise. In addition, issues such as delayed bandwidth, overburdened servers, reduced internet speed and ineffective firewalls can be detrimental. These are some of the many problems that your IT infrastructure can have. Essentially these issues can impact on the productivity of your business. Support from the experts helps you to avoid system downtime and keep ahead of the game. The experts monitor these systems, analyse the network and advise in a consultancy role. Additionally outsourcing IT support with Global ITN’s large enterprise package can assist your in-house IT team.  Should problems arise or to take the lead on system upgrades our experts will design, plan and install. During moves and changes, we will help your IT department deliver the critical technology and services that enable your business to operate efficiently and effectively.

The demands on IT in a large enterprise are complex and volatile. Therefore, due to systems having numerous users who may be geographically dispersed they require constant monitoring and assessment

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