Entering a new environment can indicate the start of a new chapter with fresh business opportunities along the way. An office move can be exciting, however, the planning and organizing can be challenging. From finding a new premise to managing contractors and movers, we can disregard the importance of how moving your IT system can affect our trade if not properly managed.

Office Move – Check-listing ALL details in the itinerary

Our servers and networks are the basis of today’s business economy. Yet it can be considered a minor part of the moving plan simply because of the “just plug it back in” attitude. However, a proper IT reinstallation plan can maintain your business functioning before, during and after the relocation. Include them into your relocation itinerary to ensure your IT equipment, servers and main phone line(s) are ready by the time your staff settle themselves into their new desks. This avoids any unexpected disruption and time wastage with no cost.

Crafting the Master Plan

So what do we need in our IT relocation checklist:

  • Check for internet speeds

While looking for a suitable office space and possible amenities around the area, check out the strength of the building’s internet connectivity and speed. Once a location is confirmed, the phone line must be ready and the internet connectivity needs to covers all areas. Allow some time for the installation to be completed before any physical moving can be made.

  • Adequate number of power points

Having power points available around the office is crucial in a new office space. Plan out a good amount of strategically-placed ports easily available for all staff. More power points doesn’t hurt anyone. It is relatively cheaper to install them in one go than having an additional connection installed in the future.

Like changing your address on your ID card, updating your IP address is important when it comes to moving to a new location. This keeps your e-mails and web services connected to the proper place. Especially if you have servers in your office.

The technology for producing better cable wires has developed over the years. This enhances your internet performance. Do an assessment of the network configuration in your new space and upgrade them to secure a much faster internet speed in your office.

  • Consider the Cloud system

The Cloud is a sought-after trend by corporate industries. You too can consider joining the bandwagon. The Cloud provides a backup system to prevent possible data loss and enables consumers to work from any location. So now your business can still be operational within the moving period without any difficulties.

Remember, the process of dissembling and reconnecting your IT equipment is not as simple as putting in a box and carrying it away. A professional group of IT specialists will ensure the safety of your items and reassemble them upon reaching your new office. They will then do an inspection and testing to ensure all is fully functional.

What Global ITN offers:

  • Comprehensive assessment of all IT components available
  • Advice on any additional components requires prior to office relocation
  • Review and analyse current IT systems functionally
  • Communication to all vendors during the process
  • Installation of new work site prior to relocation
  • Business continuity deployment preparation
  • System redundancy for power supply, air conditioning and network
  • Dedicated independent and shared facilities
  • Disaster recovery and operational support
  • 24/7 operations and maintenance system support


Getting the right people to handle your office relocation will ensure your business remains functional and productive. Engage with our IT experts and you will have a smooth relocation without any unnecessary hassle.


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