IT Maintenance Services

Being your own boss, working for yourself, attending entrepreneurial networking events can sound like a glamorous job. Unfortunately, reality can be quite different. Most businessmen and women would agree that running a successful company is no easy feat and if you’re not up to the challenge, things can quickly go out of control.
A similar issue applies to your IT usage within your company. Without proper care, you can foresee a ticking clock waiting to explode and abruptly affect your company’s productivity and operational efficiency. But since you’re here, you’ve got an open mind regarding IT maintenance and probably recognize that there may be an IT do not have any IT support and you might realize that you’re one of them.
No matter the business size, you need to allow for IT maintenance to be part of your budget. Keep reading for the reasons why IT maintenance is key for every business to succeed.

Combining your resources

If you have business outlets in various locations, there might be a possibility that you have a scattered IT taskforce with an irregular IT service. This may result in a slowdown of communication and productivity. With IT maintenance services, you have dedicated IT professionals on hand whenever you need them. This way, you will have the best resources at the right time – which is a great investment for your company!
Getting a professional to get things done: You know you’ll have your IT situation under control when you bring in a professional team to your company. You’ll have piece of mind knowing that they are doing their job right – knowing when you need to upgrade your system and solutions should any issues arise.
Just think for a second – there’s no way you would allow a medical intern to perform open-heart surgery. Your computer infrastructure is the exact same thing: you need an IT professional with experience to take care of your IT system. So why are you wasting money by sending your staff to an IT course? Invest your budget and outsource your IT support so you can be sure you have the right IT guys on hand 24/7 who know what they are doing.

Increased productivity

When you have IT, maintenance professionals, on your side, they will look into any nook and cranny for any issues within your IT system. They are proactive about maintaining your systems optimal condition. If you have a problem, that becomes their problem. It is their job to ensure that your IT infrastructure is running smoothly and effortlessly. With such maintenance efficiency, your company will witness productivity, and ultimately, profit increases.

24/7 IT support

If you only have one person that handles your company’s IT and they are not available for whatever reason, you know that you are in trouble. It is completely understandable that we tend to get sick sometimes and we are entitled to a holiday – but if that happens and your IT infrastructure is experiencing unexpected downtime, what are you going to do?
If you have a dedicated IT maintenance service, you would just need to pick up the phone and call. You’ll be able to get in touch with an IT specialist who is familiar with your system and how to deal with it. So there will be no issues with your sole in-house IT personnel taking leave or a sudden case of the flu. You’ll know that it is an investment well spent to have a committed IT service on board.


From all the pointers we mentioned above, this one is the most crucial to remember. Take note that your IT infrastructure will be targeted persistently – either intentionally or otherwise. Your systems might be at risk from a malicious email innocently opened by an employee who didn’t know what they were doing. Or worse – unknown hackers who wanted to pry open your IT system will extract all the valuable data for a ransom.
An IT maintenance service is there to protect your data from all those threats. Plus, if you experience any kind of disconnect, the IT maintenance team is there to help you recover lost info and get your company connected again.

If none of the reasons mentioned above enticed you into outsourcing an IT maintenance service, this one should seal the deal.

Getting the best solution in IT maintenance

If you are ready to make the right changes for your data to perform its optimal potential, we are here for you.
Experts at Global ITN will help you avoid unnecessary costs and delays due to IT problems which can immediately affect the productivity and operating efficiency of your company. IT maintenance is a crucial requirement in any IT system. It needs to be carried out on a regular basis to ensure a smooth IT system operation and breakdown prevention. Regular IT maintenance and health checks ensure a consistent optimal IT performance. This reliability boosts your business operations
through consistent information communication and ultimately maintains high productivity.

What Global ITN offers:

  • ⦁ Regular health checks across a broad range of IT systems and applications.
  • These include health checks in the following areas:
    • Networks
    •  Citrix
    • Server estate
    • Storage
    • Desktop
    • Voice
    • Wireless
    • VMWare
    • 24/7 call center with timely and efficient response