Outsourcing your IT support – Keeping Costs Down during the Downtime

Tech support outsourcing

During this downtime globalitn providing 24/7 IT Support,Support Packages,Multiple Specialties,Availability,Local resources.The current situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is unprecedented throughout the world. Offices closed, schools closed, shops closed, only going outside for essential items and all of your staff and teams working from home. For most businesses, this time is going to have financial implications on companies. This may be due to loss of manufacturing, reduced sales, inability to travel, consumer spending is down or general staff productivity has been impacted for a multitude of reasons. The overall revenue losses will have a knock on effect on budgets yet your company’s IT infrastructure must continue to operate optimally. Here are some reasons why you may now consider outsourcing your IT support:

Saving Money/ Cost Cutting

Outsourcing your IT support is cost effective and can help with company budgeting. By outsourcing your IT, you can get up to 24/7 support without having to hire and manage a whole IT team. There are no recruitment costs, no sick pay, no annual leave, no insurance, no additional perks such as bonuses. You get a consistent service at one upfront price and the reassurance that you are getting skilled professionals at all times; within your service level agreement.

Local Resource

With the current global lockdown, companies around the world are not able to utilize resources that would have previously travelled from one country to another to support projects. Now local resources are required more than ever. In Singapore, IT and networking are essential service and therefore it is business as usual for IT engineers to keep company’s’ IT infrastructure running optimally during this challenging period.

Multiple Specialties

One resource with multiple specialties allows for IT support to be centralized and more easily managed. Outsourcing your IT support to a company that has such resources available to you means that you have the support to tackle any issues that come up unexpectedly as well as having the knowledge and skillset for planned projects. Whether the solutions required is networking, cloud based, software related, having one resource to sync with means that your IT systems can be successfully managed and supported and there is no time delay in sourcing relevant resource.


Outsourcing your IT support can ensure 24/7 support 365 days a year without concern over staffing, leave or overtime pay. If someone is sick or on leave, the service coverage continues uninterrupted as there is seamless backup support already available. This is all pre-planned and all those involved are inducted and ready to step in if and when it is needed.

What Global ITN offers:

Not sure where to start? Overwhelmed by all the options out there? Think you may be paying too much to your IT Support packages providers and have many different suppliers? Want on demand IT support Packages for low costs and the usual demands? Need reliable and experienced IT Support personnel on hand? Based on our experience working with many companies of varying sizes, we have developed IT support packages based on what we would recommend for you depending on the number of employees / users of your IT systems. As a results, we have startup packages, SMB packages and enterprise packages as well as the flexibility for custom made packages based on your business needs.