Office relocation Services

Company directors are constantly looking for fresh ideas on corporation strengthening while increasing profit and growth. Of course, there are diverse methods in approaching the subject matter – one of these concepts, though quite surprisingly, is an office relocation.

Below list some of the benefits of an office relocation and how that might leave an impression on your business:

Cost saving

Look at the bigger picture and understand that setting aside a budget for an office relocation can be an investment instead of an expense. Who knows, the operational costs at the new location might be much lower than your current one!

Scouting for more talent

As you move to a new (and possibly bigger) office, naturally you might be on the lookout for more potential candidates for your company – hence enforcing a bigger pool of untapped talent working under your wing. 

Improved productivity

An office relocation could be the ideal opportunity to make renovations or leasehold improvements that enhance productivity. For example, businesses can create open office concepts to co-locate teams vs. have them working apart.

Opportunity to revise and upgrade your office equipment

Your employees are spending most of their waking hours working in front of a computer. So, it makes sense if you can review your office equipment before the move and see if there are any upgrades available. From a business perspective, your proactive approach towards technology will attract new talents and thus stay competitive with other corporate rivals out there.

Having closer interactions with clients

By opting for an office relocation, it can upgrade business revenue and profits by getting closer to your clients. Additionally, your company will be exposed to an abundance of networking opportunities by getting acquainted with potential suppliers, partners and other establishments.

Enhancing your brand

It is a perfect opportunity to enhance your brand when moving to a new location. Create a marketing event around your move through a press release or social media. Thus, exposing your company to the various platforms and be noticed by the public.


Global ITN: Constantly at the ready when you are

Global ITN provides office relocation services for existing and new business requirements. We will set up your IT system for your new office through rigorous and skilled planning, deployment and migration – so that you are able to start your business operation within a short period of time.

What Global ITN offers:
  • Comprehensive assessment of all IT components prior to the office relocation.
  • Professional advice and suggestions on any additional components required and installation of new work before relocation process.
  • Clear and transparent communication with all vendors during the process.
  • Business continuity deployment after task completion.