IT Services Helpdesk

No matter what industry sector your company is in, you, as a customer, should expect and be given the finest customer service from your IT support helpdesk whether you are a new or an existing client. This is, of course, vital in developing reliable and long term business relationships – not solely meant for sales opportunities. Not only must the customer be satisfied with the products or services bought, moreover, customers require assurance that if something should arise unexpectedly, it will be resolved quickly. Hence, while Global ITN’s sales team are out front meeting potential clients, the IT service helpdesk are always available to support and assist any customers experiencing any technical problems

The question is, do you really need service helpdesk assistance? Here are some pointers that might help you decide:

IT problem solver:

You have issues within your IT network and have minimal or no experience with how to resolve it. Your helpdesk personnel should be available 24 / 7; ready to receive your call and deploy an IT support team to your site within the agreed service level agreement (SLA).

Service based on trust:

Since you have a working history with an IT company, why bother finding another one if something happens? In fact, a reliable IT helpdesk will reply to all enquiries promptly and resolve any issue within the shortest time possible.

Smarter multitasking:

An experienced IT support team can handle several issues at one time. By call, email or site visitations, they can identify problem areas and resolve them professionally with ease in the same way.

Ability to prioritize tickets:

Different urgency levels will depend on the issues discovered daily. Ultimately, a reliable and experienced IT Helpdesk engineer seeks out important tasks that come along and addresses them right away. Don’t worry! Your network issues take priority.

Faster solution for repeated issues:

All client issues are recorded in the helpdesk database for reference. All data previously logged can be easily retrieved and the problem fixed more efficiently if repeated problems arise.

Getting to know your company’s needs:

A comprehensive IT support helpdesk will also be able to identify potential risk areas and advise on best possible solutions to avoid repeated issues occurring. Ultimately, this proactive approach will ensure that your IT infrastructure is reliable and working optimally.

In every known relationship, one of the crucial pointers to a long-lasting one is communication. In this case, it is between your company and the IT solution providers. The IT service helpdesk personnel are readily available to handle any product/service issues.


Global ITN – your ideal IT solution kit

Global ITN’s 24/7 IT Services Helpdesk will support and manage your company’s PCs, laptops, servers, email, VoIP, mobile, network and office applications. In fact, we make sure your team has a seamless working experience to enhance productivity and reduce the time, personnel and resource burden of an in-house IT department.

Furthermore, enlisting the support of Global ITN’s IT Service Helpdesk gives you the confidence to know that your business’ IT functions have reliable support at all times. At the same time, businesses have the option of outsourcing to IT experts or to appoint their own in-house IT team. Outsourcing also allows you to focus on your core business.

What Global ITN offers:

  • 24/7 call centre with timely and efficient manner.
  • Flexible and reliable remote workstation management.
  • IT support team enhancement.
  • IT equipment deployment.
  • Wide coverage area of multi-location device support.
  • Immediate onsite support with high availability.
  • Timely desktop, servers, network and VoIP troubleshooting and support.
  • Ticket management and vendor liaison support for the third party ISP issues.
  • Index log for all critical IT services including remote access logs.
  • Broad-ranged IT support covering all major operating systems, applications and hardware platforms

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