Data Center Deployment

Over the last few years, the tremendous data growth has generated progressively compared to the history of mankind –  and apparently, it has no reason to slow down. Data centres are keeping up steadily to meet the increasing storage demands from the business sectors now more than ever. So, is the IT industry amazed at the continuous explosion of the current trend? The answer is no, and here is what we can look forward to throughout 2017:

A sunny weather with a blossoming cloud

Data centre clients will not only care about having a rack in a remote colocation space. With the data quantity they are consuming daily, they will demand more. Businesses will now require a storage space that can expand together with them as they progress. A recent survey has revealed that 25% of businesses plan to invest in big data in the next two years. These demands that use substantial data consumption or companies that are currently using complete data management systems will need more flexible solutions to cater to their needs.

Computerization (slowly) taking over key tasks

With advanced technology, soon we will be expecting for programs to decide on computing and storage decisions efficiently and effectively, without any form of human communication involvement.  In fact, data centres today have already started in machine learning. Data that utilises artificial intelligence and algorithms can reduce data usage by more than 10%!

A better concept in data centre and server design

We may see more innovative and efficient ways of saving energy through the data centre and server design. Ultimately, data centres need to progress in years to come to suit a security-focused customer who requires a scalable, flexible and efficient storage solution. We will eventually look for new and sophisticated ways to cater the increasing need for data creation, collection and storage, hence evolving the data centre industry in the future.


Whatever the change in data centre design or functionality, 2017 will be the beginning of changes in the industry.


Global ITN: The right one for your company

Global ITN provides a secure, climate controlled environment to host your servers. In fact, our co-location space is equipped with all the necessary technologies to ensure your server is safe and runs smoothly. We also offer the option to manage your servers to increase the efficiency of your IT management. Global ITN’s experts will handle all the hardware, network and server maintenance.


What Global ITN offers:

  • A secure and redundant data centre and network
  • 24 / 7 data centre and account management by our experienced server support team.
  • Planning of your network architecture growth.
  • Providing competitive service level agreements on infrastructure support.
  • Managing and professional IT services available on demand.