Data Center And Office Relocation

It’s always an exciting time to move into a new office, isn’t it? But no matter the size of your next workplace or the lavish location, a poorly managed office relocation can quickly spiral into a huge headache for employees and clients alike. And since you or your movers are busy with getting cardboard boxes and wrapping everything with bubble wraps, have you forgotten about other small details like, well, updating your business’s address online? Remember that any overlooked information such as this can create confusion among potential clients and eventually jeopardize your business.


But no worries – we have some awesome tips for you to avoid from such drawbacks:

Start your planning ASAP

Planning to move in five months time? Great – then start planning now! Give yourself ample time to gather enough information to strategize a smooth move. Have a look at your office inventory, both furniture and electronic equipment, to decide on what you want to bring over. Look for reputable moving company and plan with them early – not a complicated task and a major tick on your to-do list. Oh, and always keep your staff updated on your plan so that they too can prepare themselves as moving day approaches.

Decide on your old stuff

Found some company’s outdated computers and laptops inside of a dusty old drawer? Should we discard them straight away? Well, it is greatly recommended to discard such items safely to protect your company’s security and reduce the increasing worry of e-waste. Make sure to use trusted technicians who can wipe all personal information from all electronics. Do this before you can consider selling or discarding them. There are also organizations where you can donate or recycle them – so you can get rid of your old stuff while saving the earth at the same time!

Plan for a possible coverage

You don’t need to shut down your business for long to move; a day or a weekend will usually suffice. You do need to update all your clients of your event and replying emails and returning phone calls will be slow during the moving process. If you like, engage an employee as a client contact personnel while the others are involved with the move.

Move the unimportant stuff first

When it comes to packing your equipment, decide and separate equipment that is not crucial to your daily operations. Let that be transported to your new location first. Let others stay in your current office until the eve of your moving day.

Change Your Digital Address

In addition to updating vendors and clients about your new address, don’t forget to change your NAP information with Google. Simply updating address information in your Google My Business listing won’t be sufficient. Google pulls information from a nearly infinite number of sources, including Yelp, Yellow Pages, City Search, and Acxiom. Once your edit is approved, the new information will show up on all Google map searches.


Bottom Line and finding the right one for the job

Planning for an office relocation is never fun and time-consuming but careful and detailed preparation can reduce any unnecessary moving mishap and you’ll be back in business in no time.  With Global ITN, we provide an efficient service to ensure that all your IT system will be operationally ready and you can start your business operation within a short period.

What Global ITN offers:

  • A comprehensive assessment of all IT components available.
  • Advice and suggestions on any additional components required prior to office relocation.
  • Review and analyse current IT system functionality.
  • Communication with all vendors during the process.
  • Installation of new work site prior to relocation.
  • Business continuity deployment preparation.