Network Managed Services


Since its 1995 debut, the sole purpose of creating Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is to provide phone services over the internet. Thus benefiting business sectors for its corporate phone system usage over the years. As VoIP continues to expand and develop, many have seen its potential. Then they want to take a slice of its evolution.

Current companies have prolonged their VoIP services to include unified communications, VoIP-based conferencing and cloud hosting services. At the same time, Managed network services have also been in demand by new customers, clients and vendors for its network consistency, security, quicker accessibility, enhanced service and support management. Even with the unstable economy, we face today, managed network services manage to help competitive corporations to cater these demands and stay afloat within the IT business.

The rising thirst for network managed services

Companies today are seeking network solutions that can provide beyond what traditional VoIP offer. This also includes maximizing their network performance by combining voice and data networks together. Moreover, with an enhanced network, these companies can maximize productivity across a managed VoIP network.

Cost control of your network infrastructure

Upon executing network managed services, you will have better control of your overall budget on IT. Above all the cost of operation, service, maintenance, and upgrades will be lowered since it is all taken care by the solution provider that houses the network management.

Constant issue prevention and maintenance

Additionally, network managed services companies free up enterprises. This allows them to focus on their primary business goals by combining high-performance network availability with increased speed and flexibility. Meanwhile companies that provide network services have the infrastructure in place to support quicker applications and upgrades.

Improving network security

Network managed services provide enhanced security for the entire voice and data network that include products protecting the company from spam, malware, viruses, and other inappropriate web content. In conclusion, in this policy-secured configuration, all transactions and data are safe and secure.

Global ITN: The right choice for network managed services

Global ITN takes full responsibility for managing your network, tailored to meet your specific business needs across a broad range of IT technologies. This includes planning, design and implementation, day-to-day operations, and maintenance. With a team of IT networking experts capitalizing on state-of-art solutions, we can provide end-to-end managed services from network analysis to network maintenance. Leaving your network to the professionals frees you from potential problems related to managing your own network.

 What Global ITN offers:

  • Hardware health monitoring.
  • Automated network device recovery.
  • System optimization.
  • Day-to-day operation and management of the entire network infrastructure.
  • Network management changes.
  • Corrective and preventive network maintenance.
  • Also, equipment installation and upgrade.

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