Wireless Survey

To get the best performance out of your wireless network, you must ensure that both your access points (AP) are in the most optimal locations and that other radio emitters, which can cause interference, are kept to a minimum. This requires you to periodically perform site surveys of your wireless spectrum.


Depending on the scale of your installation, there are a number of tools available for the task such as software that walks you through the site survey process. But no matter what size network you have, you’ll need to follow these basic steps:


Have a blueprint or floor plan

Some software products can work off these floor plans directly. Look at your plans and identify major building obstacles that will block radio signals. For example, walls, halls, elevators and floors. Also, your coverage areas are determined by where your users will be.


Confirmation of your preferred location

Determine where you can locate APs based on power and cabling that you can run to connect the AP to the rest of the network. Remember that you shouldn’t place APs close to metal or concrete walls and you should put them as close to the ceiling as possible.


Have a rough estimation

Estimate the total number of APs needed for your overall coverage. In fact, a good rule of thumb is one AP can cover a circle with a 100-foot radius. This will give you preliminary AP locations that you can use at the beginning of your survey. If you already have some APs, note their locations on your floor plans.


Run the survey too 

The same AP model used for the survey is used in your actual infrastructure.


Relocate and retest if necessary 

Relocate APs and retest, depending on the results of your survey.


Document your findings

Record the locations and log your signal readings and data rates observed for future reference.


Of course, these pointers are simple to follow. This is as long as you understand the instructions and have a general idea about handling with IT. If you have a cable wire and no idea what to do with it, leave it to the professional folks.


A team of Global ITN specialists can have a full visibility of carrying out a custom-made wireless survey, and making improvements in your wireless accessibility to allow for a consistent productivity in your in your business.


What Global ITN offers:


  • Initial Wi-Fi survey to review the physical environment, cabling, power capacity and the type of data that will traverse across the wireless network.
  • Specialized wireless survey taking into account the physical space, required coverage and capacity, Wi-Fi security and high availability as per your business’s needs.
  • Management of hardware procurement and installation where required.
  • Final wireless survey right after the implementation and configuration. This is to review the network design and capacity to ensure your business requirements are met.
  • Also, validation with wireless site surveys and RF Spectrum analysis using professional-grade tools from AirMagnet and Ekahau.