Internet Services

The demand of using the internet has exploded since its debut in the United States in 1983, when it was made available to the first few who owned personal computers (PCs). As of June this year, China has taken the crown for the most Net usage with more than 700 million users; followed by India and the US.

On a daily basis 3.5 billion people around the world use the internet and, for most of us, we cannot deny that it has become as part of our daily routine. Presently and with evolving technology and faster connections, accessing the internet has never been easier.

The Net encyclopedia

The Net today is so diverse it has different functions for different people.

The top 5 internet uses:


There was once a time when the home telephone was the only source of communication; aside from face to face conversation and writing. Next came along the phone booths and mobile phones as technology advanced in the 20th century. However, very few could visualize how essential the internet would become for communication. Connecting us through video conferencing, emails, blogs and social media.


Traditionally, books and newspapers were the go-to resources for researching a topic. Therefore, hours were spent in the library, picking out books and flipping thousands of pages to get certain information. Nowadays, this data is readily available through the device sitting in our pocket or handbag. In fact, just type in a topic on your preferred search engine, and hundreds of references will pop up all within a fraction of a second.


With the use of the internet, learning has become more varied, fun and interactive. Books, help centres, expert’s blog views on topics and other study-oriented materials are now easily available. Therefore, students and professionals are no longer dependent on a physical person, the classroom can be transferred to the laptop.


For some, the internet is a leisure pursuit. Watching movies and television series online, streaming music, playing games, there are endless possibilities for entertainment and attracting others to your activity in real-time.


Shopping is also ‘retail therapy’. With the power of the internet, what can be more satisfying than having unlimited products and services easily available at our fingertips? Search, order and delivery within a few days. Therefore, it is now the best possible way to buy items from all over the world.

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