VPN provider

Not everybody is familiar with the term Virtual Private Network or VPN for short. Most users will just connect to the internet and dive into the realm of infinite information. The fact is that it may be as important as the internet in the near future.

But what is a VPN?

A VPN is a unit of computers interacting over the internet. It is a useful tool for users who are unable to reach their local area network (LAN) and it protects their online communication when they are using an unsecured public network. When we connect to the VPN, we will login with our IDs and receive a trusted key through a distance server. After our computers are verified as reliable users, all our shared information on the internet will be encoded and protected from prying eyes. VPNs are often found in international organizations staying connected with offsite staff and colleagues, schools and even the pay-per-view shows you enjoy on the internet. In truth, VPN is already all around us, whether we realise it or not.

Do we really need the VPN and what do we gain from using it?

Well, VPN connects you to the internet whenever you are away from your LAN. It increases your net security. It serves a different purpose to different users and social groups, so it depends on individual usage:

Students and office workers

Where assignments and workloads are concerned, this group will be the frequent ones who use the VPN regularly. This gives access to information when they are at home or travelling overseas. In addition, they could simply increase their VPN security if they are connected to networks in a nearby café or the airport. Wi-Fi connections in these places are usable to all so additional protection is always a good habit to practice.

Frequent downloaders

Sharing files, especially the illegal ones, has been an issue within the entertainment industry for decades. Serious steps have been taken to track these offenders and bring them to justice, but it seems that these pirates are growing steadily throughout the years. But that doesn’t mean that they feel invincible though; they have to use the knowledge of VPN to keep eluding themselves from the authorities.

‘Live’spectators or audience

It is always exciting to see a live event. Whether it is watching your number one player score the winning goal as the crowd goes wild or clapping your hands numbly to see your favourite actor getting his Oscar. Depending on your local TV stations though, it might not work well for you. Late or unavailable broadcasts with frequently-added advertisements just dampens your mood to feel the moment. So it is always great to have the VPN to assist you to watch as it happens.

What Global ITN offers:

We offer a secure and reliable VPN services to support the future growth of your business and viewing pleasure:

  • Secure and highly accessible connectivity complemented with resilient security solutions against IP security risks
  • High-level protection of your internet privacy
  • Remotely managed control with timely and efficient manner
  • Multiple offices connection on a single network to a standardize user experience
  • Option to easily add new sites, business partners or locations to the network