The real value of your IT support quote

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The real value of your IT support quote

When the decision has been made that additional IT support is required, the first thing that is usually considered is the budget. The budget determines the next steps. Will we source an internal IT engineer? What level of experience does s/he need? How many hours will s/he work? What if there is an issue when s/he is off work? Then you may start thinking ‘we need more than one person but the budget won’t stretch that far’.

Next, you come to the realization that you may need to outsource. You will need to consider reaching out to an IT company that has this particular support service available. With this, you open a Google search page, type in ‘IT support services Singapore’. There are pages and pages of different companies available, all promising the sun, moon and stars. You find the top three with the nicest looking website and you send them a generic message saying how many staff there are in your office and your basic needs. When, and if, you get a reply, the first thing you do is look at the quote. Does it fall within your budget? Your next steps are crucial.


The services on offer

The phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true in every industry, yet it is especially true in IT. A company’s IT infrastructure is the backbone of any modern company. It needs to be taken care of know what to do from the very beginning – there is very little room for error.

The quote that matched your budget may not provide all the support you need. If, for example, your business is 24/7 then so should your IT support be. Your support provider should be offering levels of support with specific service level agreements for response times as a standard within your package at any and all times that you need them. If you are being offered ‘9 to 5’ support only then you must also know what the cost of any critical out-of-hours support would be. What you may be saving on your day to day support, you may spend that, and more, if you run into a problem that needs urgent support and just cannot wait. Therefore, for full support and peace of mind it may be necessary to stretch your budget to a service that provides 24/7 support.


The expert knowledge and vast skillset on hand

It is important to think of what skills, knowledge and experience your IT engineer should have. Your IT engineer may be a proficient desktop engineer able to handle level 1 and level 2 matters. However, when something outside of his/her ability range presents himself, what support is available to him? How quickly can you get additional support and what would the onboarding time be? With the support of a specialist IT company, you also have the benefit of having additional skills and experience on hand as needed. Your outsourced IT engineer has more senior supervision who can provide necessary guidance. Alternatively, due to there being no onboarding period, any additional support can be implemented almost immediately. There would be no downtime and no delay to project implementation and continuation.


Future proofing

There is no denying that the daily upkeep of a company’s IT infrastructure is a primary concern. However, at all times there needs to be a constant look to the future. The support available can identify possible infrastructure gaps and shortfalls, possible security issues, improvements to hardware or software on the market as well as work closely with your company for any office expansions or office moves. With the support already in place and the support company understanding your company’s needs and infrastructure setup, they are already best placed to support any such projects. Therefore, the support company should be able to offer a range of services. These services may not be necessary at the initial point of setting up the support with the company, however, you need to think long term as you may need to call on these services for future projects.


So when you think about reaching out to an IT company looking for IT support, make sure you think more laterally. Will this IT support contract gives you the support you need for this project but also for future projects? You want to get your money’s worth from this agreement and that means thinking outside the box and not just at the quote in the proposal.


What GLOBAL ITN can offer

or newly establishing or expanding companies we can install and deliver all of your IT services from email, web hosting, phone and fax line services to storage, security and network development. Yet, for more established companies, we can work with you in a consultancy role to assist your IT department to deliver the critical technology and services to enable your business to operate effectively and efficiently. Also for convenience and to reduce the hassle and costs associated with recruiting a full-time IT engineer we can provide round the clock phone support as well as part-time onsite IT support for your company. Most importantly, with support from Global you have IT experts on hand.

Importantly, support from Global ITN will proactively reduce the risk of any IT issues occurring. Furthermore, we resolve any unforeseen conflicts that may arise ensuring that your business remains functional at all times. For convenience and to reduce the hassle and costs associated with recruiting a full-time IT engineer we can provide round the clock phone support as well as part-time onsite IT support for your company.

Every business is unique and requires varying levels of assistance directed by our client-centered model. Additionally, our services are cost effective, tailor made and flexible. We will work with you on a consultancy and support basis or for full network design and implementation. Furthermore, we guarantee that the service you receive from Global ITN will meet your needs.