IT Consultancy

In today’s competitive business world, consultants from all sectors are becoming increasingly sought after. Offering years of experience and high-impact advice, these master expert specialists are indeed a cost-effective solution compared to a room full of expensive ‘experienced’ staff.

An IT department or IT personnel are necessary for both large corporations, SMEs and startups. IT consultants, which can take the form of a single professional offering independent contractor services or a business that handles all your information technology needs, step in to fill your technology gaps at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Money saved is money earned 

Normally IT consultants are hired based on either an hourly or contractual basis. This depends on the agreement between the two parties. You can either tap on their services for a one-time deal. For example for a security setup for your network or as a regular advisor for backup services. Both choices will allow you as a client to control your IT solutions budget. Since you are hiring them from an external source, you are avoiding unnecessary tax payments and fees from getting a ‘temporary staff’ handling your IT needs exclusively.

Time saving

IT consultants can assist you in simplifying your company business culture. For example, working on an overloaded server might cause issues for both staff and customers. Same goes when a server or a network that suddenly goes down. Apart from potentially losing important data, redoing work or simply waiting for a solution to a problem can really cut into any business’s bottom line.

Reputable consultants are always ready when needed at any given time. Using their expertise and knowledge, they will ensure that you and your staff will be back online with minimal time wastage. They will also prepare IT solutions for your company in case of sudden disruptions and how that can be easily rectified.

The rise in productivity

A logical reason for hiring IT consultants for your company is to let you focus on other demanding tasks. Technically, with all the online DIY tutorials and YouTube videos nowadays, an ordinary staff could try to replicate the consultant’s role with a simple understanding of the IT. However, an experienced corporation knows that hiring the IT specialists will be best in handling IT issues. You hire plumbers to do the plumbing, marketers to do the marketing and managers to do the managing. Having some skills is always a plus point to have. It is not, however, effective in sacrificing an employee from a department to try to revive a server with unknown results. Let the professionals do what they do best.

Finding the right specialist

At Global ITN, our consultancy service provides solutions for your company’s current and future IT structure. By understanding your business needs, our IT experts can help. We can translate your innovative business ideas to meet your IT system’s needs and assist you in creating your IT strategy.


What Global ITN offers:

  • Professional B2B consulting to understand your business needs
  • Broad-ranged IT consultancy covering data centre, IT security, procurement, IT network, wireless, cabling
  • Objective and non-biased advice and recommendations
  • Access to Global ITN’s specialized expertise
  • Temporary help during one-time projects to avoid heavy staffing requirements