cyber and physical security

Today’s companies are acutely aware of the ever-mutating evolution of cyber threats. As well as how it will affect business if it targets their IT infrastructure. Corporations are investing serious money in cybersecurity solutions to keep their data safe. However, it seems that all these precautions might eventually be in vain. Not because the solution packages are unimpressive but because of employee’s not implementing these actions on their systems. According to a recent IT report, such practices are putting all businesses in serious cyber security risks.


Typical signs of avoiding or side-stepping cyber security protocols are usually like constructing or avoiding information on sign-in sheets and writing passwords on a Post-It stuck to your computer monitor. IT managers believe that many staff have a “not bothered” attitude. Apparently more than 60% of employees avoiding cyber security implementation on a monthly basis, and a quarter of those are doing it daily. Ironically, more than half of the business sectors have invested in the most up to date cyber security policies, defending their systems from malware threats, viruses and data loss.


Recently a technical operator did a health check to get an insight into a company’s IT department approach to cyber security and how the user’s respond to the system protocol. The results were disappointing.  According to the technical operator, the company’s IT manager does not think that most of the staff are committed to implementing their security plans in the system. If this claim is true, it will mean that the company will be exposed to cyber threats and other serious risks such as social engineering. Thus it is no coincidence that upon questioning, more than half of the company’s staff were exposed to and affected by a cyber threat in the last 12 months.


No amount of money can make up for poor employee habits. If these issues were to continue, in time, the company will be at the hacker’s mercy and it will be too late for a proper protection. Hence, IT managers address this issue frequently. They need to ensure secure against malicious attacks. So what can organizations can? Simply put, talk to their employees about their behavior. Then educate them that their mere act of ignorance might actually cost the company millions.


Under Global ITN, we provide resilient security solutions to prevent digital attacks which are prominent and dangerous. With our protection supervision 24 hours a day, we ensure that the cyber security will remain online for our clients.


What Global ITN offers:

  • Penetration testing consultancy
  • The rule set changes and validation
  • Configuration changes
  • Firewall changes
  • Patch management
  • General maintenance
  • Backup and recovery
  • 24/7 security event monitoring
  • Performance and availability management
  • Strategic network planning
  • Fault analysis
  • Also, on-demand report