IT breaches are happening left and right. Presently, both governments and companies are in fear of being the next cyber theft victim. Even though measures are taken to contain the situation, most of us underestimate the true talents of these computer hackers. In fact, an average calculation between a breach entry to a fully-controlled CPU compromise is within 30 minutes – that said, the hackers can wipe everything in your system and you cannot do anything within that time frame.

IT programmers have always found a way to penetrate systems even if they have the strongest firewalls, antivirus and anti-malware solutions in place. Yet they cannot withstand a targeted attack from a dedicated attacker. Here’s why:


Companies want the best security for their networks. However, the first problem will surface the moment they think they’re invisible upon the first installation and then neglect regular updates for their IT infrastructure. Apparently, their strategic brains aren’t thinking the way that a hacker thinks. In any case, IT security is not like at home security – a big lock and security camera is not enough – we need to think bigger.

Cheap is never good:

Some clients choose the cheapest security solution just to save some cash. Regrettably, a breach will happen at least once in your company’s lifetime. The high-quality security solution has these functions:

  • Completely secures the system to make it difficult for any unauthorized agent to penetrate through
  • An immediate detection when and during the breach process occurs
  • Shut down as soon as possible upon detection

Battling with a computer hacker is a constant war, so why not make it harder for them?

Lessons for all:

Middle and small-sized businesses listen up!! Do not think that theses hackers will only attack big companies. The prime main of hackers is to extract information from those who expose themselves yet don’t have enough means to put towards discovering the hacker’s identity.

Remember – an absolute and complete protection is important for your IT infrastructure, big, medium or small. As a consequence, clients must be willing to get their network penetration tested to find and seal breaches when necessary. Therefore, to be virtually and digitally street wise we need to know more about cybersecurity and how it will keep our data safe.


Trusting Global ITN as your preferred choice

There are countless IT security solutions available in the market. However, only a selected handful are  trustworthy and reliable for your business needs. Global ITN provides strong and secure IT defence mechanisms to protect you against malicious attacks such as malware, virus and data loss. IT Security takes a critical role in augmenting the surveillance of data transfer across your IT system.

In conclusion, with suitable security solutions from us, your data is protected against malicious attacks.


What Global ITN offers:

  • Penetration testing consultancy.
  • The rule set changes and validation.
  • Configuration changes.
  • Firewall upgrades.
  • Patch management.
  • General maintenance.
  • Backup and recovery.
  • 24×7 security event monitoring.
  • Performance and availability management.
  • Strategic network planning.
  • Fault analysis.
  • On-demand report.