We have such an abundance of data and statistics in this millennium, and it keeps on growing by the millisecond. The internet, social and electronic media easily gives us access to databases. These databases have large data storage built to contain infinite form, proportions and data complexities. But how can we understand the concept of data?


A glimpse of the past

Entrepreneurs previously used to rely on actuary to analyze and examine data before reporting back with their findings. That reporting style posed challenges due to raising more questions.  These are related to data pattern and the time it took before a company could carry on with their business plan based on those results. Business users are not likely to be experts in statistics and business analytics. They are domain knowledge experts in their particular areas. As demands for more information in near real time continues, data science teams specializing in business analytics, domain knowledge and IT are enhancing their business processes. At the same time, they are facing challenges of analytics conversion onto mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, pocket PCs, smart watches, PDAs etc) as companies have started to store data for mobile distribution.


Getting into the specific details

As the multiplicity of data continues to mushroom, business sectors recognize the specific data categories being evaluated. For this, they will have to see the big picture of potential problems. These problems relate to the particular data. As well as any issues, limitations, and risks that might occur. It is important for the organization’s ability to weigh on both structured and unstructured data. This is done with the collaboration with business experts.  Data analysts should not work in isolation of all the business stakeholders, customers, and business users. When the business problem is transparent and clearly understood, business factors today will pinpoint the data that is relatable and useful for the organization, then reconfigure it into useful knowledge for business use.


With the right data, servers in a protected area store the information. Global ITN provides data centre deployment for existing and new business requirements. We will set up your IT system for the data centre space through rigorous and skilled planning, deployment and migration.


What Global ITN offers:

  • Hosting multi-tier platforms in carrier-neutral co-location data centres across a global infrastructure
  • Securely deliver mission-critical applications and content to end consumers with excellent response times
  • Business continuity deployment preparation
  • System redundancy for power supply, air conditioning, and your network
  • Also, 24/7 operations and maintenance system support