External IT helpdesk can drive your business success

IT Services Helpdesk

External, but still local, IT service desks have become vital for organisations that want and need to increase the available IT skills and support whilst keeping costs down. Having a support contract with an external IT team and their 24 hour skills on-hand ensures seamless IT conflict resolution and immediate response by highly skilled IT specialists with knowledge and years of experience in different IT fields.

Single point of contact

IT Services Helpdesk

An IT service helpdesk can contacted by anyone in your office or oversea office through a single point of contact but you know that that helpdesk is powered by a large, off-premises team that works with your staff to address IT concerns. Employees don’t have to wonder which engineer they should call but simply dial the IT helpdesk whenever the support is required and the call is directed to the appropriate support to solve the problems. The tasks that can be handed to a service desk can range from taking care of remedial requests and troubleshooting, to rebuilds, crisis recovery and management.

Ticket generation

An IT helpdesk can make sure that issues are handled in the order they are received and there is a suitable paper trail as the IT support will generate a ticket for every support call that is received. This also provides a time frame for when the problem should be resolved.

Systematic Approach

The IT helpdesk staff can be trained on a common set of procedures. This provides a systematic approach for when they have to handle a technical issue – they’ll start with the most common solution, and move on from there. This solves problems more efficiently.

Historical logs

The IT helpdesk can create a historical log of all the different problems that they encounter. This documentation can then be used as a reference for future problems. Historical logs are also useful if an employee is having an ongoing problem and needs to contact the IT department multiple times to settle the issue.

Proactive prevention

The IT helpdesk can use the information they gather on a daily basis to run performance reports. This can show them which pieces of hardware are consistently experiencing issues. The company can then be proactive about replacing them without having to worry about the system suddenly going down at an inopportune time.

Performance Surveys

It can often be difficult to accurately judge job performance. An IT help desk can manage this issue by sending out automatic surveys after an issue is concluded. If the IT staff took too long to solve the problem or there were other issues, the survey would demonstrate that. This will help to improve the customer experience.