Tech consultants

As your business develops, you will need a specialist who can manage the company’s IT sector for a more effective and efficient operation. In fact, companies with the most secured system are considered as the most successful businesses in today’s world. At the same time, a well-organized IT department can increase your company’s productivity, simplify communication and strengthen your interior IT system.

Here are some guidelines that you might help you understand whether you need an IT consultant for your business:

Firstly, you’ll start to wonder –  Is your data safe?

90% of working professionals using IT will save their documents on their computers, backup drives and online – but will that ever be enough? As your company expands so will the need to know where and how this information is being stored. Hire an IT consultant to monitor this data.

You waste more time battling computer problems instead of working

Sometimes unexpected things will happen. Your programs will suddenly process slower than normal; your data is corrupt and your hard drive fails! One problem after another that will eventually lead to complete computer shutdown. Our IT consultants can not only solve these problems quickly but can set you up with temporary fixes so you don’t suffer decreased productivity until a longer-term solution is put in place.

You start panicking over small issues

Can’t decide if you should transfer your backups to the cloud? What is the best program suitable for your company? These are questions that might lead to an annoying, ongoing issue and there will be others along the way. Get an IT consultant to assist you in making simple decisions and feeling confident in your choices.

There is no one who can help in times of crisis

What if your computer had a virus? Do you have any backup plan if there is a natural disaster within your area? How would you respond if someone hacked your email account? All these issues can be resolved efficiently with an IT consultant who can save your company from wasting time and money.

A new toy emerges everyday

Every now and again new technology becomes available that can benefit your business. Yet, with the never-ending choices out there, it can be quite overwhelming to stay on top the changes within the IT industry. An IT consultant can help monitor this new tech as it is created and show you the best, most applicable solutions, while you do what you do best—run your business.

Finding the right consultant for your company

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of signs that your business needs an IT consultant, these are some of the major ones that you might have encountered before. Computers and technology are critical parts of your business and, without the right help, they can fail you at the worst possible time. We make sure that the critical parts of your business are functioning well.

At Global ITN our consultancy service provides solutions for your company’s current and/or future IT structure. Our experienced consultancy team understands business needs. We can provide you with the customised IT solutions to support and enhance your business functions.

In conclusion, by understanding your business needs, Global ITN’s IT experts can help you to translate your innovative business ideas to meet your IT systems needs and assist you in creating your IT strategy.


What Global ITN offers:

  • Professional B2B consulting to understand your business needs.
  • Broad-ranged IT consultancy covering data centre, IT security, procurement, IT network, wireless, cabling.
  • Objective and non-biased advice and recommendations.
  • Access to Global ITN’s specialized expertise.
  • Temporary help during one-time projects to avoid heavy staffing requirements.
  • Outsourcing all or part of your IT services as necessary.