Computer IT networking: Part 3: Building a solid computer network with the support you need

Computer Network Services

A solid computer network with the support you need

In part one of the three-part series on computer IT networks we looked at the different types of network setups that are available. Then, in part two, we broke down a computer network to understand the different components and connection types and explore Ethernet. Now, in part three, we consider the importance of building a quality network with the best support available. As we now know, a network connects two or more together. As the network starts connecting more computers and other devices over larger areas the components and the complexity grows. At this point factors, such as future proofing, security, network maintenance, network support and network monitoring, all have vital importance and the importance of laying solid foundations on which to build on cannot be stressed enough.


Network Architecture

The structure of any contemporary business depends on suitable network architecture and infrastructure management. The investment put into the network architecture design is evident in a company’s overall IT infrastructure. Networks must be designed so that other skilled service providers in the IT industry can implement the strategy. Flexibility and redundancy options are essential to keep your network operational during any unexpected downtime as well as being future ready. Therefore, as ever-changing demands crop, relevant changes can be easily made.

Ease of operating is another area of significance which has to be evident in the architecture design. The network designs must account for all client requirements including the costs, timeframes, equipment needs, vendors, potential risks as well as any additional client-specific business requirements. This ensures that the implementation or migration process is as seamless as possible

Network Analysis

A built network requires constant maintenance, analysis and monitoring. Considering the many aspects of how the network functions can be challenging. Latency, bandwidth, interface, network speed, and security are just some of the functionalities that can impact on your network. A full health check of your IT network provides a complete network analysis report. It will seek out any further improvements. These can be, for example, increasing the network’s operating efficiency, preventing network destruction and, as required,  developing the network accordingly.

Network analysis is fundamental to your communication system. In essence, it shows any performance issues on your network which can directly impact the functioning of your IT system. Consequently, failure to regularly analyse your network can lead to interruptions in your business’ functioning.


Network Support and Network Maintenance

High performing networks require regular reviews. Also, new technologies help you to manoeuvre your business. This is done by improving performance and protecting your network, as well as supporting any growth and expansion. It is vital that a network’s support covers maintenance of an existing corporate network, extending from testing and troubleshooting problems to regular maintenance. The support should cover 24/7 technical support and customer care, along with professional provisioning services.


Get the experts on board from the beginning

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