Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing for Law Firms

Law firms are steadily migrating to the cloud. This reflects the overall market need for reliable, secure and cost-efficient IT resilience, particularly in the face of growing business threats.

With the availability of backup and disaster recovery services, migrating to the cloud provides a much safer, secure and compliant option for businesses within the legal sector. There is a misunderstanding that the cloud presents certain risks for legal firms. In fact, storing confidential data and client information in the cloud is a viable security measure protecting against both human and natural disasters.

Cloud computing for law firms, like all corporate sectors, is an effective means for storing large data in an accessible yet inexpensive manner. Upon proper cloud execution, lawyers are able to work from anywhere – resulting in increased productivity and a balance between work and leisure. As data can now be shared securely from wherever they are at any time, collaborations between lawyers can also be significantly improved.

Furthermore, the cloud offers potential cost savings for law firms. It reduces the need for in-house servers and will eventually decrease the high IT hardware investment and management.

Security Measures

Law firms should consider the security measures of a cloud provider when choosing the best option for them. Confidentiality is vital to the lawyer-client relationship. Therefore, cloud providers should comply with optimal enterprise security and control standards. For example, such as data encryption, intrusion detection, and scanning.

In this new age of smartphones and tablets, lawyers are frequently required to access trial-critical documents on the move. This is why it’s important that law firms embrace cloud computing securely. This ensures their workforce is working as smartly as possible and their IT systems are highly available. If lawyers are spending a large proportion of their time every week out of the office, the ability to access data becomes a necessity.

Making the decision to adopt a cloud-first strategy not only ensures high availability, data protection and increased IT security for legal firms, but also results in considerable IT cost reductions and enhanced lawyer-client collaboration. If technology is utilised well, migration to the cloud can only have a positive impact. The overall operational efficiency and ultimately the success of the firm continues uninterrupted.


Winning the case with Global ITN

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What Global ITN offers:

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  • Flexible cloud to support rapid business changes.
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