Hosted Phone System

The Advantages of a Hosted Phone System

Technology has evolved tremendously throughout the years with positive results, like the VOIP phone system as an example – a system that has a lot of benefits in comparison to the traditional hard line phone systems.

Putting it simply, to contrast with other systems in the market, the installation for the VOIP hosted phone system is much easier and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. You need to select the right plan for your company. This brings down your phone charges to an amazingly low rate. In fact, the transition from the traditional hard line phone system to a VoIP system is very easy. It is also simple to keep your addresses and phone numbers in order. These are easily then accessible when you need them.

New Calling Features

With the hosted business phone system, one can enjoy a multitude of new calling features. This makes your work easier and helps you plan your day more efficiently. Personalized vanity numbers are another attractive feature. Features such as personal extensions are available so the customers can reach the respective departments and talk with a specific person.

In a corporate office that receives hundreds of calls a day, you can opt to have auto respondent and voice mailing systems. This feature of VOIP hosted phone system helps to streamline the number of calls. Without manually going over each number, one can ask the provider to create a directory from the number they are calling or even add a few of the numbers within the group telephony system.

If unnecessary calls come in every now and then, it is possible to screen the calls and allow the employees to prioritize the calls and attend to them when required. Different tools are available  such as preference based calling, voicemail, call log maintenance service and click to call dialing.

Working on the Go

Those businesses which operate on the go can link the employee home number with the office number. This way, when someone is trying to get in touch with the person, the office, as well as the home numbers or mobile phone, would ring simultaneously until one is answered. Another unique feature is the ability to customize individual voicemails with music and greetings. Ease efficiency of communication increases because of this.

Building a solid reputation among customers, business partners and suppliers means faster goods delivery. All these factors come together to increase your business’ profitability and productivity all by integrating a comprehensive hosted phone system. Just think about it – you have so little to lose and so much to gain.

With Global ITN, we provide an internet based phone solution using on-site handsets only. This reduces the need for additional telephony hardware. In fact, by utilizing your business’ existing network, Global ITN’s hosted phone system provides a smooth and reliable service that gives your business a competitive advantage over separate voice and data solutions. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a cost-effective solution. It is a key communication tool for both on-site and remote users. Its functions include virtual numbers, call routing and high-quality conference calls.

Your communication needs are met by planning and implementing a complete phone solution for your business.

What Global ITN offers:

  • Stable connectivity phone system.
  • Secure end-to-end connection.
  • Clear voice quality with negligible noise.
  • Personalized service as per your business requirements. 
  • Strong connection phone system. 

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