Technology in Education

How our culture works today is a far cry from what previous generations experienced in the past. Everything seems more efficient and fast-paced yet is astoundingly more complex. Tying to keep up with the world’s constant and rapid progression may cause some to feel overwhelmed. As such, we are using advanced technology to assist us and keep us, if not ahead, then running alongside and technology in education is one example of this in action.

Compared to other devices, the computer is the most advanced machine ever and is utilized in every field of work. In a business environment, due to their multitasking advantage, computers are extensively used. Like they say ‘time is money’, so what can be more profitable than completing tasks in half the time?  Thus, the entire world is dependent on computers and the demand will never be diminished in decades to come.


Technology evolving around education centres

Education is a proactive (and important) development in any society. Educators believe that it takes more than a book to get information across to students today. In fact, getting exposure to various learning and communication styles will entice students to accept and absorb learning much easier. As our world progresses and becomes more hi-tech so does our learning organisations worldwide. One of the solutions to effectively use technology for the current learning process and information is by using digital tools for education.


Here are some examples of how interactive digital media benefits different schools.

Bulletin Boards:

Firstly, digital platforms create effective means to substitute the dull bulletin boards in schools and campuses. An exciting, vibrant display with crowd-pleasing videos and sound will be a hit among students and lecturers alike and not easily forgotten.

Location Finder:

Secondly, polytechnics and other tertiary schools have pointed out that interactive displays are good investments for assisting first-year students and visitors to navigate around the school compounds. A sharp decrease in seeing stressed-looking freshmen looking for directions is an advantage compared to showing them for the thousandth time in a day.

Poster displays:

Communication with students is part of the education process – informing and educating them on societal issues, advertising necessary services relevant to college students and simply providing entertainment venues to keep college life exciting and welcoming. So instead of endlessly wasting paper for posters and tearing them down afterwards, you can simply update the data into an online software form your preferred spot.

Preparation for emergencies:

Emergencies can happen when we least expect it. As such, a network of digital signs can assist greatly in the organization and provision of instructions by broadcasting digital imagery and announcements all around campus.

The Advantages of Online Education

Online education is basically learning by using a computer with internet connection. These days, online education usage has been remarkable. Any student, young or old, can now access these new forms of education to enrich their knowledge in schools and campuses. One of the major advantages of online education is the convenience. Online education provides infinite access to information where you have the flexibility to plan your schedule and to learn from anywhere.

For students with disabilities, linguistically-challenged or just plain shy, learning through a course online is an invaluable option. It is also an alternative to learning in a classroom that is accessible worldwide. They can respond to questions, obtain guidance and find countless solutions. The educational information within cyberspace is infinite.


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technology in education