How Server Colocation Can Help Your Business (Especially SMEs)

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Server Colocation

There’s always a discussion within the tech world about the decline in data centres, the need for server colocation and its future replacement: the cloud. Data centers can often be considered as “old-fashioned” and only the big corporations can afford it and its server colocation services. Well, is it true?

There might be some basis to the argument that not all business sectors need data centres, but the rise of colocation tells a slightly different story. In recent months, colocation is, in fact, booming and it does not look like it is planning to slow down anytime soon.

So what makes colocation so lucrative in the current world of the cloud? And from a business perspective, what are the benefits for firms, especially SMEs?

Understanding colocation

Normally the big corporations deal with huge amounts of data every day, so it is important to manage it properly. Thus, data centres are the natural choice for this, but physically owning one will be almost impossible. Colocation, on the other hand, provides smaller businesses with the chance to have similar benefits as the big guys. With facilities like power, cooling, space and security for servers, networking and storage equipment, no business should see colocation as a problem to take advantage of!


Better control over IT

Through colocation, organizations can now have more control over their IT while taking advantage of better resilience, energy efficiency, connectivity and security. And outsourcing this task gives you the necessary support when you upgrade your IT system whilst also reducing financial costs and other risks at the same time.


Server colocation will only continue to grow

Data centres are not cheap, especially when SMEs would prefer to use the money to invest in their business. Colocation will continue to be a practical and popular choice for all businesses in managing their important data. With such an open IT market out, it is a no-brainer that it will stay around for a long time.


Although it can be a nice luxury to own your own data centre facility, it certainly isn’t an option open to every business out there. SMEs can use colocation to get the same data benefits but at a much cheaper price. And as more firms discover this area of tech, it’ll no doubt continue to grow in the future.


What Global ITN offers:

With Global ITN, we provide a secure, climate-controlled environment to host your servers. Our co-location space is equipped with all the necessary technologies to ensure your server is safe and runs smoothly. We also offer the option to manage your servers to increase the efficiency of your IT management. Global ITN’s experts will handle all the hardware, network and server maintenance.

  • Server support team.
  • Growth planning of your architecture
  • 24x7x365 data centre and account management support
  • Environment management remote tools
  • Data centre and network which is secure and redundant
  • On-demand managed and professional services
  • Competitive service level agreements on infrastructure support

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