Reasons why your computer might be freezing

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Reasons why your computer might be freezing

There are a number of reasons why your computer might be freezing on a regular basis. While the numbers are numbered, there are quite a few common problems that may be the reason. A computer freezing can be as disruptive as staff sickness to productivity so taking preventative measures can keep your computer running smoothly.

When the computer freezes, we can react in a number of ways – generally violence won’t really achieve much, the computer won’t unfreeze but it can help us to let off a bit of steam. You can hit the computer or shout at the computer but it’ll probably have the same effect as sweet talking your computer to start working again. Instead of finding yourself in this scenario, take action before the computer gets to that point.

Reasons why your computer might be freezing

Here is some of the reasons why the computer freezes:

  • You have used up almost all of your hard drive space
  • You need to install more memory
  • You have too many programmes running clogging up the system
  • Your computer is infected with a virus
  • You didn’t install any security to protect your computer
  • You have compatibility issues
  • Your hardware in malfunctioning
  • Your computer needs to be ventilated better

Both the hardware and software can freeze for a number of reasons such as faulty memory chips, overheating the CPU, faulty motherboards and spyware/malware invasion through poor computer protection or faulty drivers. But no matter where the error occurs it is important to know what to do when the PC freezes. Here is a list of our top tips:

  • Run a virus scan
  • Uninstall programmes you are not using or don’t need
  • Close some applications that you are not using
  • Defragment your hard disc
  • Clean up your registry
  • Use the scheduled maintenance tool
  • Dust out your computer case
  • Downgrade to a lower operating system

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