Outsourcing IT Support and Management Services


A company director might think “I already employ IT staff to look after my company IT, why would I need to outsource further IT personnel?” While the director of a smaller company might think “if I don’t have internal IT, why would I consider outsourcing to external IT staff?”

The answer is quite simple. Why wouldn’t you? By expanding the current or creating a new IT team, you can:

  • Have broader IT specialists available for advice, assistance, and deployment, readily available for you 24/7, seven days a week without having to deal with sick or holiday leave.
  • Calculate the amount of cost saved compared to a technician paid monthly.

Most importantly, searching and investing in outsourced IT services is the most significant task you need to do, especially when you are starting out in business. Bringing them on board will ease your worries in case anything goes wrong and reduce any downtime. Let the outsourced team handle that issue and you and your team can continue with the productivity of your business.


Advantages of outsourcing IT support:

You will save lots of time

Try to count the hours you wasted during an IT downtime and the time wasted on searching for solutions. Accumulate these hours and imagine the same amount of time invested in your business instead. You can deflect these issues and focus on business development.

Your security is protected

With outsourced help from IT solution companies, there is no need to worry about your data being corrupted or denied access. Your network will be secure and in good hands. So, take a breather and move on!

You can control cost

An IT support service will cover downtime, deployment and onsite support, all within a transparent and with no hidden costs.



1. Costs are too high

Outsourcing to an IT company will help to reduce your yearly IT expenditure. By ensuring that your IT infrastructure supports your company’s functionality and is running effectively and efficiently we can identify where you are overspending and ensure consistent productivity without interruptions.

2.  Shortage of IT staff

Your IT department cannot provide the optimal services when staffing retention is unpredictable. Outside IT help can cover staff absence and assist you greatly in your company’s productivity.

3. Your IT systems are not fully utilised

Hardware and software purchases are never cheap, and you might never know if you have used them optimally to your company’s advantage. Have someone take the lead in these issues with minimal risk and within a shorter period of time.

4. Your company’s systems cannot keep up with advances

With such rapid changes within the IT community, your IT staff might often miss opportunities to keep up with the constant IT upgrades. With an outsourced IT support team, you will be exposed to continuous IT updates, obtain better IT knowledge and create good business relationships with vendors.


Global ITN: The one-stop solution

Global ITN’s 24/7 IT services helpdesk will be there to support and manage your company. We make sure your team has a seamless working experience. This enhances productivity and reduces the time, personnel and resource burden of an in-house IT department. Outsourcing with us allows you to focus on your core business, and provide a collaborative service with your in-house IT team and provide you with the required expertise to resolve any recurring problems.

What Global ITN offers:

  • 24/7 call centre with timely and efficient manner.
  • Flexible and reliable remote workstation management.
  • IT support team enhancement.
  • IT equipment deployment.
  • Wide coverage area of multi-location device support.
  • Immediate onsite support with high availability.
  • Timely desktop, servers, network and VoIP troubleshooting and support.
  • Ticket management and vendor liaison support for the third party ISP issues.
  • Index log for all critical IT services including remote access logs.
  • Also, broad-ranged IT support covering all major operating systems, applications and hardware platforms.


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