office relocation services


Moving to a new office location can be such an exciting time, and we feel it should be treated in such a way! It doesn’t have to be a stressful, multi-tasking situation; overseeing the bigger picture, proper planning and contracting the right team to do the job can make it an easy and enjoyable experience for you and your staff.

Moving offices can kick-start a company into assessing the way it operates-  it can inspire and boost overall performance, alter the public’s view and enhance the employee and customer perception of the business. Also, contracting outside vendors to assist in the planning and do the moving for you is the ideal way for you to avoid unnecessary stress. Just enjoy the process and celebrate the refurbished new office space when it is complete.

Planning for a move

Start planning your office relocation. By giving yourself plenty of time to organize your move, you won’t feel rushed and therefore make unnecessary mistakes or bad decisions along the way. You will be able to decide clearly on your master plan, set the appropriate budget and schedule a sensible timeframe for the whole sequence.

It is easy to outsource the move as there are companies that provide office relocation services. With specialist services in locating the perfect site for your next office, detecting the best possible internet connection and a swift plan of transferring the furniture. Look for companies that suit your needs and be sure to ask for testimonials or case studies. The more experienced a company is, the smoother your move will be.

Our advice: Outsource the moving process from start to finish. But make sure you have the final say in the planning. Let the relocation company do the hard work to make it happen.

Reflecting on your Company’s Brand

Have a look around your current office. Now, imagine a new space with an improved, sophisticated look with your company logo proudly displayed on your wall. Outsiders to your business will learn a lot about your brand from your offices and will make first impressions mentally as part of their decision on whether they are interested in doing business with you.

 The new office location, overall building structure, interior design and style are important as it will reflect your company’s brand. Setting the appropriate tone and right message will affect your potential clients’ perspective of your company even before they come in to talk business.

Expand your Business Horizon

By having a new and bigger office space, you will have the opportunity to take on more staff that creates a better and stronger workforce under one roof. Moreover, employees and clients will feel the good vibes and will be full of positivity whenever they are exposed to new environments. It is a definite sign of the success, determination and energy within your company.

 Transitioning your Workplace Effectively

 Office relocations can be a sensitive subject to approach with your staff. Therefore, plan the whole process carefully, properly and empathetically. By including your staff in the moving plan as much as possible. Give them ample time to prepare for the move. Ask for ideas and suggestions with the design and layout of the new office space, like the interior structure of their desk space or an ideal way to make their working space more ergonomic. Remember, the more that they feel that they are part of the company, the more on your side they will be. This will create a huge morale boost for your staff, encourage proactive work and positive feelings for the company.

It can help you to also evaluate your workers’ relationships with one another and how they communicate during the move. Thus, you are able to tweak accordingly and improve your company culture over at the new space. Workplace transitioning is a huge part of the relocation process. However, when done well, it makes the entire journey run smoothly.

A New Office for New Beginnings

Everybody knows that relocating is never easy but that doesn’t mean that we should view it as a daunting task! The idea of moving will give you the opportunity to review the core values at the heart of your company while giving you new and fresh ideas to improve your current business.


Global ITN – the Office Relocation Experts

With our specialists in Global ITN, we can make your office relocation as smooth as possible with extreme professionalism and dignity. Our team provides an efficient service so that you are able to start your business operation within a short period of time. Before the office relocation takes place, we review your IT systems. We ensure that your relocation is flawless. This is done by checking the requirements to ensure your IT system will be fully functional in the new location. With this information, we can ensure measures are taken to mitigate risk at every opportunity during the project.

Following the move, we ensure that an accurate baseline status of application services is generated. This will allow a comparison of your post installation status report. Once the test plan has been completed and all IT services have been successfully re-commissioned, a go-live team is deployed. This gives your internal IT team additional support while familiarizing themselves with the new and the relocated IT systems.

What Global ITN offers:

  • Comprehensive assessment of all IT components available
  • Advice on any additional components requires prior to office relocation
  • Review and analyse current IT systems functionally
  • Communication to all vendors during the process
  • Installation of new work site prior to relocation
  • Business continuity deployment preparation
  • System redundancy for power supply, air conditioning and network
  • Dedicated independent and shared facilities
  • Disaster recovery and operational support
  • 24/7 operations and maintenance system support