Network Monitoring for Healthcare IT – The Protector of Your Patients’ Data

Network Monitoring

Healthcare IT specialists are under pressure as reports of data breaches within the healthcare industry are growing. Patient health records are now a prized item on the black market. Cybercriminals are now targeting this sector with an increasing interest (and a much bigger appetite for data robbery). Therefore, it is everybody’s responsibility to secure your organizations’ patient medical records. IT administrators and network architects need a comprehensive strategy to secure and defend the data by incorporating network monitoring and security. A ground-up monitoring solution is important in building or updating a network data centre.

How can a network monitoring system benefit you, your patients and your clinic:

  • Awareness of security and network issues across distant locations
  • Transparency across the network for recognizing threats and network usage
  • Enable visibility across mission-critical links, network usage and virtual environments.


Steps for reliable network management

A dependable network monitoring service can observe, accumulate and filter all data within a large and complex IT system in remote locations. Upon selecting the right network, IT managers should look out for a solution that can be adaptable to the current network architecture. When managing the flow of data through your network, here is what you can consider:

  • It is crucial to identify the best possible network points that you can monitor and protect. Whether it is within the institution or in the cloud. All patient data electronically recorded should be monitored constantly.
  • Once all data can be seen through your monitoring system, aggregation switches are needed to collect the necessary sources for evaluation. Organizations must develop strategies for aggregating traffic of interest. Then, filter that traffic to extract the most important data for your monitoring needs. Filtering data traffic is vital in boosting your analysis tools performance as it prolongs your networks’ functionality and operational lifespan. Packet slicing and header stripping are also enhancements that improve data usage by specific monitoring tools. Inlet and outlet filtering can reduce or completely remove packet oversubscription.
  • Also, advanced features and functionality will help ensure your solution is hardy and stable as you manage greater amounts of data moving at faster speeds. Therefore, with enough resistance coverage, your security will be at its best against potential intruders from future data outbreaks.


Finding the right solution for your Healthcare IT

An intelligent network monitoring solution can deliver the right data to the right tools at the right time. Global ITN analyses, diagnoses and resolves network performance issues before it occurs thus preventing unnecessary downtime and affecting the daily functioning of your business.


What Global ITN offers:

  • Reliability:

Firstly, network monitoring keeps track of critical project appliances and software. It notifies your Network Administrator before issues affect the users and cause problems, giving you a proactive problem-solving method.

  • Capacity Planning:

Secondly, proactively identify areas that require additional resources. This is done by thoroughly understanding your devices’ usage. This enables a controlled rollout of any additional capacity.

  • Troubleshooting:

Network monitoring allows the support team to detect, diagnose and fix the problem before the user(s) is/are affected. Thus, minimizing your network downtime.

  • Tracking Trends:

Continuous network monitoring ensures a thorough tracking of key trends.

  • Ensure Security:

All Denial of Service (DoS) conditions shares one key characteristic, unavailable resources. The security monitoring of resources on your network reduces the risk of this occurring, making your network safer.


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