working from home

Keeping connected while you are working from home.We plan and we prepare for different business scenarios such as hacking, security breaches, hardware failure and so on. However, it would have been very hard to foresee the current situation created by COVID-19. With offices closing down, employees working from home and trying to keeping business running as usual, it is a trying time for any companies IT systems. Ensuring that teams can access servers and files while maintaining standard heightened security can be challenging.

Regardless of what’s happening worldwide, we are always-on and our IT systems need to be able to support this. Every second of downtime can have a major effect and impact on business functioning. In fact, having a refined business continuity plan ensures minimal downtime and enhances business operating efficiency if an unpredictable event occurs is essential.

Business Continuity Planning

Companies of all sizes are understanding the need to plan and implement business continuity plans to minimise disruption to their operations and ensure that business remains viable during the virus outbreak. In an ideal scenario, all companies would have had a business continuity plan (BCP) in place but it is not too late.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disruption, a plan that autonomously responds to IT complexities across all cloud and on-premises resources can support systems getting back to business as usual a soon as possible. A disaster recovery plan (DR) can improve your ability to respond and recover from disruptive events and refine your strategy for IT recovery.

What does a BCP and DR look like?

Business continuity planning and disaster recovery plans are multi-modal and follow a sequence of planning, implementation and frequent re-evaluation of service outage management. Services that can support these plans include elements such as real-time backups, seamless offsite data storage and multi-year archiving to make your business ready for all eventualities.

Getting the best support for keeping your business operational

Global ITN excels in providing business continuity strategies and processes with complex BCP / Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery / DR solutions when ITN offers:

What Global ITN offers:

  • End to end solution for creating and implementing a Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery Strategy for your organisation.
  • Impact planning – completing a business, process and service inventory.
  • IT assessment across data, technology and telephony platforms.
  • Creating the disaster recovery operations plan.
  • Manage internal and external communications.
  • Strategy testing.
  • Maintaining and updating of the disaster recovery plan.
  • Consulting service for your IT department in preparing a disaster recovery process, from mapping requirements to creating the Disaster Recovery Technical Operations Plan.
  • Provide secondary data centre support on a global scale.
  • 24/7 support in deploying the Disaster Recovery strategy