What to Expect from your IT Support Provider (Part 3)

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What to Expect from your IT Support Provider (Part 3)

In parts one and two of our three-part series on ‘What to Expect from your IT Support Provider ’ we discussed the different service offerings you should expect to have available to you. However, in this part, we are going to look at the level and quality of the service that you should expect and you should receive.

Partnering with an IT service provider to support and monitor your IT infrastructure is exactly that, a partnership. From a partnership, we should expect and we should get: consistent quality, reliable service, clear and on time communication and a level of professionalism that should just be automatic. There should be no chasing a response, incomplete or sub-standard work or surprise costs. You should have full visibility of the work going on and a level of communication that could almost lead you to believe that your outsourced IT provider is actually an extension of your internal IT team.

Good Communication

When someone says they are going to call you back or respond within a certain amount of time, they should do that. Your IT Support partner should be reliable, both in terms of technical service and expertise but also when it comes to open and consistent communication. You should be communicating with a small number of people; ideally an account manager; who should know you and your company without much prompting. It is always frustrating if you call and have to speak to a different person each time. You build a relationship and a partnership. This should make it easy to speak to the right person so that a resolution for any issue or query you have is seamless.



Reliability can present itself in many ways. It can be punctuality; if an engineer is to be on-site at 9am, then the engineer should be on site at 9am. If you are told that the work will be completed by Friday at 2pm, then it should be done. However, there can be unforeseen issues causing delays. When this happens, you should be made aware of this in advance and be reassured that action is being taken to resolve the issue as soon as possible. A consistent level of professionalism means that your IT Support and Services Provider needs to be reliable and dependable.


Consistent High Quality

When you are paying for a service you should receive the highest level of service and expertise. When looking at a service providers’ offerings as well as costs, no matter what your budget is, you should receive a consistently high-quality service. Your IT partner should have the resources with sufficient knowledge and experience as well as customer service focus to meet your service needs.


Always remember that your business’ IT infrastructure is often the backbone of your daily functioning. Any issue that can arise can cause hugely consequential downtime. Your IT Support Provider should be able to meet your needs as your company grows, expands, acquires and merges. By considering your IT Support Service as your partner you are heightening the level of service you should receive while also forming a relationship that could grow as you grow. Considering an end-to-end IT services provider can ensure that all your IT needs are met at all times.


What can Global ITN do for you?

Global ITN’s services are flexible and tailor-made. For newly establishing or expanding companies we can install and deliver all of your IT services. This includes email, web hosting, phone and fax line services to storage, security and network development. Yet, for more established companies, we can work with you in a consultancy role to assist your IT department to deliver the critical technology and services to enable your business to operate effectively and efficiently. Also for convenience and to reduce the hassle and costs associated with recruiting a full-time IT engineer we can provide round the clock phone support as well as part-time onsite IT support for your company. Most importantly, with support from Global ITN you have IT experts on hand.

Importantly, support from Global ITN will proactively reduce the risk of any IT issues occurring. Furthermore, we resolve any unforeseen conflicts that may arise ensuring that your business remains functional at all times. For convenience and to reduce the hassle and costs associated with recruiting a full-time IT engineer, we can provide round the clock phone support as well as part-time onsite IT support for your company.

Every business is unique and requires varying levels of assistance directed by our client-centered model. Additionally, our services are cost-effective, tailor-made and flexible. You direct us based on your needs. We will work with you on a consultancy and support basis or for full network design and implementation. Furthermore, we guarantee that the service you receive from Global ITN will meet your needs.