The IOT Is Bigger Than Anyone Realizes

Internet of things in business

When people are generally buzzing about “the next big thing” they are actually not thinking about the big picture. It’s not about the lack of imagination – it’s the lack of observation. I’ve always been thinking that the future is just around the corner and nothing is such a surprise anymore.

Topic of the Day: The Internet of Things

So what is the buzz about? Well the Internet of Things (IoT) is about the increased demand of machine-to-machine communication. It is built on cloud computing and networks, either via mobile, virtual or instantaneous connection – and making all electronical things around our lives such a breeze, and even to an extent, lazy.

But that is not what I mean about people lacking of observation. There has been a lot of communication about the machine-to-machine communication (M2M) or devices talking to other devices. But machines are a tool, an instrument that is doing a task on demand. When they are buzzing about machines being “smart” we’re not referring strictly to M2M, we’re talking about sensors.

A sensor is not a machine; it doesn’t think and do anything that a machine does. It scans, reads and gathers data. Items connected with the Internet of Things come together by senso


rs and machines. That is to say, the real value that the Internet of Things created is at the intersection of gathering data and leveraging it. All the information gathered by all the sensors in the world isn’t worth very much if there isn’t an infrastructure in place to analyze it in real time.

Cloud applications are vital in using leveraged data. The Internet of Things can only function if these applications are connected to the internet and transfer the data coming from all the sensors. The Cloud is what allows the apps and machines to do work for you anytime, anywhere.

IOT and cloud computing are here to stay and it is to make our life a little less complicated in a big, complicated technological world. We at Global ITN are able to provide you with cloud services that enables your company to retrieve data efficiently and have the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing business changes and demands.


Global ITN can implement cloud computing services for your business. Cloud computing is a type of off-site data storage complete with online business applications that makes retrieving data easier while providing cost savings and greater flexibility when adapting to technological changes.
Cloud computing is the future of Information Technology. It provides a seamless and complete IT solution for all your business needs. Cloud computing removes the hassle of purchasing and installing hardware and managing data centre space. This can minimise your financial cost, space usage and offer unrivalled IT performance. The need to manually update and backup your data becomes obsolete due to this service. We have teams of experts in cloud computing ready to transform your IT system.

What Global ITN offers:

  • Cloud computing for disaster recovery and backup plan
  • Flexible to the rapid business changes
  • Scalability and performance of the cloud servers
  • Efficiency without the need to update
  • 24/7 expert managed dedicated service
  • Strong governance and security through virtual separation