procurement services

IT procurement is an important transaction in business, like buying property or e-commerce. Engaging in third party services to act on your company’s behalf is crucial for some companies. This is because the process can be complex, time-consuming and expensive. However, smaller companies who do it independently often neglect the process. This can lead to unwanted problems and complications along the way. Below are the simple pointers to assist you in a smooth, direct process from vendor to client:

Never sign a supplier’s contract blindly

Sometimes we sign a deal without looking thoroughly at the fine print simply. Sometimes this is because documents can be too lengthy or we generous and naively believe that everything should be in order. By initialing and signing the last page we are indicating that we have fully understood and agreed to the terms involved in the process between the two parties. And any disagreements thereafter are a breach of contract. From the quality of the product to the timeframe of delivery, make it a habit to scrutinize every point stated in the contract. You can include your terms and conditions.

Be open to trialling new suppliers

Once the decision maker within the IT department foresees the supplier’s capability in delivering the goods, a reliable and experienced supplier is re-used by a customer for repeat and future orders. Though this is the case, this may not give you the option to negotiate deals with them once they know that they have the job. Create a healthy competitive tension by opening to tender. Then narrow down your selection to the best two candidates before choosing your ideal supplier.

At this time, carefully consider and negotiate the proposal. All services should be clearly indicated in the agreement so as not to be included as an ‘additional service’ that may incur further costs. You have you the right to reject the supplier should any service not meet the standard originally stated in the contract.

Set expectations

IT projects can be unpredictable and suppliers do not like any unexpected changes made that might affect their delivery schedule. So set a project plan with clear time frames with your preferred supplier. Have a schedule devoted to your tasks. The supplier can be rightfully excused for any delays caused by you on the basis that they notify you of your failure to perform a particular task and the resulting consequences.

After some consideration, you decide to invest in goods and services because you are convinced that the item or skill will be beneficial for either personal or business use. So upon purchasing a solution from a supplier, you are expecting that the goods bought will be in a perfect condition upon collection. But always have a reasonable doubt. Examine them for any defects because ultimately you did not pay for a faulty product. Inspect the goods when negotiating with the supplier. Return any defective goods received for an exchange or refund.

Know what you are paying for

When negotiating the price, you must officially agree the rate. This is to make sure there are no grey areas afterwards. Make the payment fee be transparent and ensure it includes the breakdown of GST and other taxes.

Don’t give the supplier excuses for not delivering

So when a supplier failed to fulfil its obligations to deliver a good(s) will they be liable for any consequences? Maybe! As mentioned earlier, be very specific when creating an agreement on paper. An oral understanding between two parties will not help your case. Documenting and signing and agreement is important.

A customer friendly position is to have the supplier agree to limit its responsibility to, say, three times the fees paid or stated as being payable. Such a limitation would ideally not apply to indemnity claims or in relation to personal injury, property damage or third party intellectual property claims.

Finding the best partner for all your IT procurement

Finding suitable IT hardware for your business can be a challenging process. Specifications, costs, quantity and logistics are just some aspects of procurement to consider. With the expertise of our procurement team, Global ITN will help you purchase customised IT hardware that best suits your business needs.


At Global ITN we ensure that your business operates on high-quality IT systems. With your business needs in mind, we do the laborious work. We research the products at the forefront of technology. We then select the most reliable vendor to purchase the products from and processing the order. By collaborating and partnering with market leaders we offer very competitive pricing to help reduce your financial expenditure.


What Global ITN offers:

  • Professional consultation with regards to the criteria of quality, specifications, and price needed
  • Product supplied by market leading vendors with competitive pricing
  • Timely purchase and on-time delivery
  • Up-to-date news regarding latest quality products in marketplace