Network Support

Network Support & Network Maintenance

Network support services cover maintenance of an existing corporate network, extending from testing and troubleshooting problems to regular maintenance. Global ITN’s network maintenance solutions offer 24/7 technical support and customer care, along with professional provisioning services. In fact, customer service and customer satisfaction is the main priority at Global ITN. From this reason, our clients are guaranteed timely, professional and efficient service.
High performing networks require regular reviews. Also, new technologies help you to manoeuvre your business. This is done by improving performance and protecting your network, as well as supporting any growth and expansion. With market leading network support, Global ITN allows consistent development of your network. This ensures that the network performs optimally and thus maximises the company’s investment in Information Technology.

What Global ITN offers:
  • Cutting edge IT services for your business to support and enhance network performance.
  • Innovative and reliable IT experts who can partner with your in-house IT team to create a suitable solution specifically for your business needs.
  • Professional IT consultation service for your network, ranging from network architecture, altering and expanding a network’s existing architecture and equipment, and network structure management to ensure efficient performance at all times.
  • A complete network monitoring solution, including 24/7 mobile device management, user experience monitoring and automated alarms through our in-house IT service helpdesk.
Network Support