Author: Raju Anjaneya


What to Expect from your IT Support Provider (Part 1)

Are you a small company needing more consistent IT support? Do you have an internal IT team but you need more support outside of working hours with access to technical experts for upcoming projects? Is your current IT support contract coming up for renewal? Are you are not sure whether you should continue

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System Integration Singapore

Fixing your common PC issues – Slow Computers

In some cases, common PC issues can be easily resolved but there are times when we do need to get the experts involved. In previous blogs we talk about prevention being key, however, sometimes the issues can crop up and then we need to fight the IT problem fires. From virus infections, slow

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IT Services Helpdesk

External IT helpdesk can drive your business success

External, but still local, IT service desks have become vital for organisations that want and need to increase the available IT skills and support whilst keeping costs down. Having a support contract with an external IT team and their 24 hour skills on-hand ensures seamless IT conflict resolution and immediate response by highly

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Outsourcing your IT support

With the costs and time required for recruitment, induction, training, supervision as well as further company benefits such as medical and bonuses, hiring staff is expensive! Also when you have a small company you may not need a full time in house IT person. There is also the issue of the cost of

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Cloud Computing Consulting

Cloud Computing – Public, Private or Hybrid?

In the cloud infrastructure, platforms, software or processes are provided by external IT services. There are some key points to consider when selecting which cloud is suitable for you; whether that (Cloud Computing) is private, public or hybrid. To what extent applications that want to move to the cloud are essential for business

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Data Security consulting


In the next year,  1.5 billion will connect to the Internet and by 2020, over 20 billion devices will be online. In theory, every one of them will be able to connect to each other. The Internet was not created to handle this population explosion of data-generating devices. The Internet is threatened by

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